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GRCS – Good Rigging Control System

The Good Rigging Control System, or GRCS, gives you the mechanical advantage you need to safely raise and lower anything from tree branches to transformers.


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SKU: GR1000C
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Now with a larger winch for more power, the GRCS Lowering Device has real guts!!
Modern rigging techniques demand gear that can do more that just lower wood. The GRCS is a device that provides significant mechanical advantage for the operator to lift, pull, delete slack, lock-off and lower loads under constant control.
The GRCS incorporates one of the most powerful winches in the boating industry to create incredible lifting power. At the heart of the system is the Harken 2-speed self-tailing rope winch. With gear reductions of 22:1 in high gear and 44:1 in low gear, a single person can lift upwards of 2,000 lbs! The winch accepts 1/2 to 3/4″ diameter lowering lines with a unique self-tailing feature that holds rope tension automatically so the operator doesn’t have to. This eliminates the need for a second person to hold tension while the first cranks the winch. Try to imagine a single person with the ability to raise large limbs away from rooftops, pull split trees together for cabling, or pull large trees over, quickly and with minimum effort.
Back Bone…
The GRCS has a unique steel frame that allows mounting on a range of tree shapes and sizes. The tree mount has hinged side plates that fold to the contour of the tree and nine rubber feet that provide solid mounting on a wide range of stem diameters.
Included with your system is a separate all aluminium rope brake drum, which can be used in place of the 2-speed geared winch when all you need is falling control of large wood. This quickly switched 4-inch drum is designed to accommodate an ice pack inside to prevent rope glazing during extreme lowering situations. The brake drum also accepts ropes of any diameter.
Only One!
No other lowering/lifting device combines the speed, power, versatility and convenience of the GRCS. With this and your rigging line, the sky’s the limit.

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