Rigging Ropes

Rigging Ropes for various weights and forces

 It’s rigged! Our lowering and rigging ropes can be used to lower limbs of the tree safely to the floor. Your rigging ropes need to be able to manage a large amount of weight and force. Our range of rigging ropes are available in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you can get the right rope for each job. Solid to the core, the sheath of the rigging ropes come double-braided, allowing them to withstand the maximum weight of each rope.

Our rigging ropes work well with lowering devices and provide a low-stretch way to ensure tree limbs make it safely to the ground.

Rig the job in your favour with our rigging ropes

Go out on a limb and choose from our range of rigging ropes designed for expert arborists. Our range includes popular items such as the Teufelberger Sirius and the Yale Double Esterlon ropes. Leading brands trust us with their rigging ropes, and you can find your favourite products from Teufelberger, Yale and Courant and more. Need help getting rigged? Get in touch with our team for any questions or queries you have with our equipment.