Honey Brothers offers a wide range of professional throwline catapults from Notch Equipment, Stein & DTX ensuring arborists and tree care professionals have access to high-quality tools for tackling any canopy with ease and accuracy.

The Notch Big Shot catapult is a standout option due to its lightweight design and user-friendly operation, making it perfect for quick and accurate throws to reach high anchor points to effortlessly deploy a throw weight and line over a limb.

If you are in need of a catapult that prioritizes ease of use and excels in challenging conditions, Honey Brothers has the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

Trust in our top-of-the-line throwline catapults to boost your efficiency and productivity when working at height, ensuring you have the tools needed to get the job done effectively.

For climbers seeking to reach greater heights in the canopy and improve accuracy, the Big Shot and the air-powered DTX Shoulder Shot are highly recommended options.

The Big Shot features a powerful launching system that propels throw weights and throwlines to elevated positions, enabling climbers to access difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

On the other hand, the DTX Shoulder Shot offers the advantage of air-powered assistance, enhancing accuracy and precision during line setting operations.

Both of these tools are expertly designed to facilitate efficient and effective tree climbing, allowing climbers to overcome obstacles and achieve optimal results in their work. Trust in Honey Brothers to provide you with the best throwline catapults for your professional needs both online and instore we are here to help.

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