Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Our Long Reach Pole Pruners: Designed for All-Day Use

Long reach pole pruners are very useful for maintaining those hard to reach vines, bushes, and areas of gardens that are high up or in an awkward position. Our range of pole pruners and long-reach pole pruners come with easily adjustable telescopic poles and other bits of kit, so that you can adjust to whatever height is required for the job.

Our most popular brands are FredMarvin, Stein, Silky and Felco.  When using a long-reach pole pruner you can still work up to three meters from your body and get deep inside the tree’s crown, even in a horizontal position. The Silky telescopic pole pruners have been designed so they are lightweight, meaning they can be used to prune trees all day long without you getting tired.

Pole Pruner Spare Parts Available

We have a range of spare parts, accessories and bags for our pole pruners, and offer our own kits with interchangeable tool heads, i.e. saw, pruner and hook, that can be fitted to both the alloy and glassfibre sets.

If you need help choosing the right pole pruner for your purpose, feel free to Contact us.