To Book in your inspection

please call 01483 561362

Price List

Basic Climbing Inspection includes (Up to 20 items including 1 rope and 1 harness.)

£80 ex vat

Basic Rigging Inspection includes (Up to 15 items including 1 rope.)

£80 ex vat

Additional Rope

£10 ex vat

Additional Harness

£10 ex vat

Additional Textile

£5 ex vat

Additional Hardware

£5 ex vat

Resplice for damaged rope if applicable.

£35 ex vat

Before you send to us please note.

  • Please ensure your kit is clean and dry
  • Take equipment apart – Undo Knots etc
  • Only send LOLER items – No spikes, saws, throwlines etc

All failed items will be left as inspected but quarantined seperately and you will be advised to destroy.

Please provide previous inspection records if possible.

What is a LOLER test?

A LOLER Test is the legal requirement for a thorough examination of Arboricultural equipment.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and has to be carried out by a qualified inspector to make sure that all equipment is in good shape and safe to use.

How often do I need my equipment testing?

Your equipment must undergo the LOLER test in these intervals;

Climbing Equipment – 6 Months

Rigging Equipment – 12 Months

If there has been any circumstances that may of compromised the safety of your equipment then this should be retested by a LOLER inspector sooner.

What is a LOLER Certificate?

The certificate is a report which is completed throughout the inspection and should contain the following;

  • Examination Date.
  • The date for next inspection.
  • Details of each item.

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