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As the name implies, two ropes are at Ropeguide TwinLine innovation: As anchor rope (cambium saver), a short, spliced ART-rope (SpliceAnchor) with open eye

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As the name suggests, the RopeGuide TwinLine innovation are two lines o rather ropes: Either a short, spliced ART rope (SpliceAnchor) with open eye in different lengths (up to 4.5m) or a long rope according to EN 1891 (10 to 12mm diameter) without termination in any lengths can be used as anchoring rope. The short rope system is well-tried.

The long rope system is new. For the first time, it is possible to install the RopeGuide from the ground very easily. With one work step two rope lines can be installed to the anchor point. It is possible to use both Single or Doubled Rope Technique for ascent.

For the first time, the long anchoring rope can be used as second, fully reliable ascent rope because of the removable knot shell made of high-tensile plastic (patent pending). So it is possible for a second person to ascent at the same time as the first climber or to follow the first climber, e. g. for rescue.

Certified to EN 795 B (temporary anchor), CEN/TS 16415:2013 (can be used simultaneously by two persons ) and in accordance with EN 355:2002 (Energy absorber).

RopeGuide TwinLine features:

  • Patented
  • Mobile Anchor
  • Integrated ZipAbsorber (shock absorber)
  • It is possible to install and remove the long rope system from the ground
  • Can be used optionally with spliced, short ART rope or long anchor rope ( 10 und 12 mm) according to EN 1891
  • Long rope system: anchor rope can be used as ascent rope or for rapelling
  • Approved to be used by two persons simultaneously for ascent or work
  • Certified to EN 795 B, CEN/TS 16415:2013 and in accordance with EN 355:2002
  • Body and parts are made of aluminium machined in the solid
  • Super smooth rope feed thanks to Cocoon
  • Continuously adjustable length
  • Trapeze 4 shackle
  • Easy pulling of the long rope while changing anchor points thanks of the Ally pulley (no PPE)
  • Automatic blocking of the adjustment unit without loss of distance
  • Easy lifting and shifting of the adjustment device even after heavy load
  • Easy lifting of the climbing / ascent rope
  • Optimal “choking” mode (choking to the trunk)
  • Minimum breaking strength: 18 kN
  • Max. service life: 10 years for all metal parts and 5 years for all textile parts

PLEASE NOTE. The SpliceAnchor is NOT included.

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