Chainsaw helmets

Known for being hard-headed? Our range of chainsaw helmets and forestry helmets are for you. For protective headgear you can trust, we supply the highest-quality chainsaw and forestry helmets for you. We have products from leading brands such as Protos, Petzl and 3M, which can be customised with additional ear defenders and visors.

With a range of ear protection and visors, our chainsaw helmets provide full protection against debris, falling limbs, dust, wood chippings and noise.

Forestry helmets for arborists

 Forestry helmets can save your life when working at height, so investing in a high-quality, professional helmet is essential. Our products are suited to a range of needs. Our high-performance hearing protection includes a range of built-in communication radios for cable-free, short-range communication. Add some ear defenders to your safety helmet order, plus our ear defender hygiene kits are perfect for replacing the foam and cushioning when needed. Need a hand choosing the right forestry or chainsaw helmet? Contact us (or pop into our brand new store) for help and advice from our expert staff.