Hand Saws

Garden Maintenance with Hand Saws

Maintain trees and branches with our expert range of hand saws, designed for arboriculture, gardens and tree care. Our top selling saw brand is Silky Saws, which have been expertly made in Japan since 1919 and have developed a world-wide reputation for being the best pruning hand saws you can buy.

We stock a large range of styles such as the Zubat curved saw, the folded Silky pocket boy, up to the huge telescopic Silky Long boy, catering to different applications.

The Sugoi hand saw, can handle the ‘big’ tasks, such as the removal of trees is no problem and saws quickly and without vibrations through the wood and leaves behind a smooth tree cut that will easily be overgrown. The perfectly curved blade is made of a special metal alloy that makes the blade strong but flexible.

We also have a large variety of blade replacements, handles, files and other accessories for the Silky hand saws.