Pulleys & Swivels

Pulleys for climbing

Like an easy ride? Glide through life with our range of pulleys to help your climbing ropes function with ease. Scan through the range of pulleys to find the perfect product for your needs. A good climbing pulley will make your arborist life 10x easier. There are lots of pulleys to choose from, meaning you’ll find the exact climbing pulley or rigging pulley to fit your climbing and rigging needs.


Swivel your way through life with our range of swivels, from leading brands such as DMM, Petzl and Edelrid. Eliminate twisted ropes within your climbing and rigging equipment. The shape of the swivels provides the optimal balance of friction, whilst remaining durable and hard-wearing for a smooth fit to your ropes. Check out our collection of climbing pulleys and swivels, or simply get in touch, and a member of the Honey Bros team will be able to give you a hand.

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