Le Sac de Noeuds Recycled Rope Bracelet

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More powerful and more intense, opt for the Le Sac de Nœuds recycled bracelet. Embellished with its sliding silver ring, this bracelet will reveal the fiery nature that lies dormant in you. Resistant to any test, rediscover the taste for adventure and exploration by wearing this irresistible little gem.

Supplied rope colour will vary!

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• Recycled materials: bracelet is made with upcycled climbing rope
• Custom fit: bracelet comes one size, adjustable clasp allows bracelet to be cut to size
• Sustainable materials: stainless steel clasp and plated ring silver
• Solidarity production: the product is handcrafted in one of our adapted workshops
• Easy maintenance: easily washable in water, leave to dry in the open air.
• Ultra-resistant: the rope is used at the base to keep you alive, the bracelet will be able to withstand all your adventures.

Each bracelet is handcrafted by appropriate workshops. The product is the result of know-how developed with our various partners. Each piece has a story and will never look 100% like another. The small imperfections that may appear are proof of artisanal, manual and eco-responsible work. Products may vary slightly from photos shown.

We work every day to reduce our environmental impact. The whole process is designed to improve the way we produce today. We favor the local and we reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. It remains difficult today to make 100% sustainable but it is possible to approach it.

How do I adjust my bracelet?

1 – Remove the clasp
2 – Define your wrist circumference (be careful not to cut too short)
3 – Cut the rope with scissors
4 – Melt the rope with a lighter
5 – Check that the rope is well melted so as not to it frays
6 – Close the clasp

The bracelet is water resistant, you can wash it by hand with a little soap or detergent. Allow to air dry.

It is possible that depending on climatic conditions, heat, humidity, the silver ring develops a small layer of oxidation. Don’t panic, it’s not rust! This is a completely normal phenomenon with silver. Simply rub the stain and it disappears. If you need to clean it more thoroughly, take a small toothbrush and toothpaste and scrub until it disappears.

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