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STIHL connected is a smart fleet management system that enables professional users to digitally manage machine fleets and work assignments.

What is STIHL connected?

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STIHL connected is a smart fleet management system that enables professional users to digitally manage machine fleets and work assignments.

What is STIHL connected?

This is managed by the STIHL Smart Connector – a sensor with a diameter of just under 5cm, which is mounted on the tool. It can be mounted on petrol, electric or battery-powered tools where it records and saves the operating hours while the motor is running and transmits this information via Bluetooth® 4.2 to the STIHL connected App (the smart connector can be mounted on non-STIHL tools too). The Smart Connector offers entirely new functions and services, as a basis for device management both in your home garden using the STIHL connected App, and for managing your machine fleet using the STIHL connected Portal.

Here’s a few reasons why STIHL connected can help manage your fleet of tools:

  • The Digital Fleet Management keeps a record of all tools and their service record
  • You get prompts when a tool needs servicing, so you never forget to change the plug, filter or just carry out maintenance
  • You can see how many hours a tool has done, so you can plan which tools to use, replace or buy more of
  • At the end of the day, you can open the app and see which tools are next to you – so you can tell if something is missing
  • Book a service with your nearest STIHL Approved Dealer and give them access to see what work will be needed in advance.
Portal Portal & App
Benefits of the STIHL connected Portal
(with smart devices)
Maintenance management

  • You can easily activate and deactivate maintenance messages
  • Various maintenance notifications are available for you
  • A new function allows you to benefit from individually selectable notifications, for instance relating to inspections, replacement recommendations and cleaning tasks
Lifecycle events including history

  • Divided into currently due or upcoming events, such as maintenance appointments, including a history in the form of an overview of previous maintenance, repairs and error messages

Optimised product status

  • When changing the status you can append details such as a title, note and image to add more information to an event (repair, etc.).
Benefits in combination with the Smart Connector 2 A Optimised runtime history with date selection

  • Keep track of runtime based on a real-time clock
  • You can check the runtime for an individually selected time period

Speed histogram

  • To help you optimise the use of a power tool and thereby maximise battery life for example, you can always maintain an overview of the speed range in which the machine is used.
  • Get general information on usage habits for fleet managers
Optimised runtime today

  • You can access this directly on the app and portal as “Runtime today” – always updated to the day and clearly presented
  • In the runtime history, click a specific day to retrospectively view past daily runtimes for your power tool
  • This enables you to see how much was work was performed on a particular day


Lifecycle events

  • The Smart Connector 2 A detects and notifies you of due maintenance and faults that require repair

Automated product status

  • The Smart Connector 2 A is an intelligent product that simplifies many aspects of your work: it detects your machine’s status, considers th
Technical data Value
Dimensions (l x b x h) mm 53 x 42 x 14
Signal range m Approx. 10
Running time per battery charge Year Approx. 1
Connectivity Bluetooth low energy 4.2
Battery 3V CR 2.032
Length mm 53
Width mm 42
Height mm 14
Weight g 20
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



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