Rock Exotica aKombo Set

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The Akombo set includes : Rock Exotica Akimbo, Haas Velox, CT quick step right foot ascender, Rock Exotica Rock ‘O’ carabiner, Notch SRS chest harness, Dmm XSRE clip and a choice of 60m rope ( Teufelberger Xstatic or Courant Squir in Red)

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The Akimbo is a versatile mid-line attachable friction device that allows climbers to ascend and descend a stationary or moving rope system without changing equipment, and without detaching from your saddle.

Adjustable settings allow for optimal performance with a range of climber weights and rope diameters.

HAAS Velox

Velox, by HAAS Tree Gear. With an additional 18 inches of bungee in the system, the Velox is a one size fits all, zero set up, efficient rope access tool.

CT Quick Step Right

Ascender for the right or left foot, when used in conjunction with an ascender handle (e.g. QUICK UP + or QUICK ARBOR H) or a chest ascender (e.g. CHEST ASCENDER HC), makes it easier and speeds up the ascent of a rope.

RockO Autolock Carabiner

The rockO is a blend of the traditional oval and the rockD giving it more strength than the standard oval. This design is great for users that need extra room at the bottom of the carabiner while keeping their gear aligned.

Notch SRS Chest Harness

The Notch adjustable H frame harness made with 3/4″ durable webbing which includes clip in loops on the front of the harness.

DMM XSRE Tool Clip (Colour may Vary)

Despite its miniature size, the XSRE has all the features of it’s fully grown family. A clean nose stops your keys catching, I-Beam construction brings weight down to a minuscule 8 grams, and colour anodising means the XSRE stands out from the crowd.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Courant Squir Red 60M, Teufelberger XSTATIC 60M


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