DMM Revolver Rig Twin Locksafe Carabiner

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A connector with an integrated pulley sheave. It features a high efficiency roller bearing sheave(s), threaded removable captive bar and a full strength textile friendly becket.

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Dmm Revolver Rig Twin Locksafe Karabiner

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm




The classic triple-action, locking mechanism. The Locksafe is almost as simple to use as the Kwiklock, requiring just one extra push-up action of the barrel before the twist, but when locked gives even better protection from accidental opening. This is especially important in situations requiring complex, rope-running systems. A rope under tension may run transversely over other locking mechanisms exposing them to the risk of unlocking. The addition of the third required action dramatically reduces the likelihood of the same rope opening the Locksafe.Top Tip: Keep all Locksafes clean and properly maintained to increase longevity in use.
Locksafe ANSI and CSA
Developed in line with our Kwiklock ANSI mechanisms, we developed an off-axis Locksafe barrel and a Taperlock nose that both dramatically improve the gate push-in and cross gate strength.

All Locksafes listed ending with ANSI meet and exceed the requirements of the new ANSI standard ANSI /ASSE Z359.12-2009 which became effective November 2009.

All ANSI certified carabiners are then certified to the requirements of CAN/CSA Z259.12-01 (Class 7211-30)

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