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The splicing experts at Honey Brothers

The world renowned splicers of Honey Brothers. Whether you are in need of a new climbing rope or rigging rope, these guys can get it spliced to standards.

The splicing team consists of 3 colourful personalities. Lee Cole, Sean Thompson and Adam Prigent.

Our team know the ropes! Our climbing ropes are perfect for arborists who need reliable tree climbing ropes for their needs. The climbing ropes we stock have been hand-picked for their durability and strength.

What is rope splicing?

Essentially, splicing is a way of terminating a rope, without the use of a knot.

Knots may be easy to tie but are often bulky and unsightly to the eye. Having certain ropes spliced can make it easier and more versatile to being used with mechanical devices.

By having a splice on a rope this can make the finished product as opposed to a knot a lot neater and compact.

A splice will retain 90-95% of the ropes strength whereas a knot in a rope will reduce the rope strength by around 50%. Something to bear in mind when shopping for your next climbing line.

Lee Cole@the_splicing_guru

Lee has been splicing for 15 Years and was an arborist for 20 years prior to that, so you know your ropes are in good hands.

His favourite rope to splice is Teufelberger Drenaline.

In his spare time he likes to spend time with his kids and is partial to a weekend fishing.

He likes to listen to heavy metal music with the volume right up.

Lee can splice to UKCA and CE standards so you know when the ropes are from HB they are up to scratch.

You can now find Lee down at the 3 Legged Cross Store!

Sean Thompson – @atattooedarborist

Sean lived in South Africa for 23 years before moving to the UK.

He has been splicing for a couple of years now and is now one of many things he enjoys doing alongside spending time with his family and adventuring outdoors.

Sean also has his very own purpose built splice garage at home, so when he is not splicing at Honey’s, he is whipping a few splices together at home!

Sean also likes to promote mental health awareness within the industry.

Adam Prigent – @the_arb_splicer

The newest member of the splicing family who started from helping in the warehouse to now being CE certified on all of our ropes.

Adam started learning to splice early 2021 and has come on heaps and bounds in that time.

He is now fully certified on all our ropes spliced at Honey Brothers.

Adam’s favourite rope to splice is the Courant Kalimba.

You will find Adam outside of work spending time with his family and working on his car.

March 2023 – Splice Course

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