Throwline Kits

The Honey Brothers Throwline Kits are expertly curated sets that include throwline weights, storage bags, and throwlines.

Honey Brothers offers a wide selection of versatile Throw Bag Weights from top brands like Notch, Harrison, Stein, and Petzl.
Discover the unparalleled precision and durability of Honey Brothers’ Throw Bag Weights, designed to elevate your tree climbing experience to new heights.
The Notch Throw Weights offer a wide range of options, from 8 oz. to 16 oz., ensuring that climbers have the perfect weight for every situation.
Stand out in the treetops with the vibrant patterns of the Notch Throw Weights, making them easy to spot even in the most challenging environments.
Made from tough Cordura material, these throw weights are built to last, providing climbers with a reliable tool that can withstand the demands of tree climbing.
With the added peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty, climbers can trust in the quality and longevity of the Notch Throw Weights, making them an essential addition to any arborist’s gear collection.
Honey Brothers offers a diverse range of Throwline Kits from renowned brands such as Notch, FTC, Samson, and Petzl, catering to the specific needs of climbers. These throwlines are designed to provide versatility and functionality, with a wide selection of materials and diameters to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Honey Brothers takes pride in offering a wide range of Throwline Storage from top brands, such as Notch, Courant, Petzl, and Stein, that are trusted by arborists worldwide. Our throwline storage solutions are specifically designed to keep your throwlines tidy and tangle-free, creating a safe and efficient work environment. Whether you prefer the convenience of the Notch Throwline Folding Cube or the durability of the SilverBull Throwline Bag, we have the perfect solution for you. With our innovative products, you can easily organize and store your throwlines, ensuring they are readily accessible whenever you need them. Trust Honey Brothers to provide you with the best throwline storage options available.
Throwline Storage & Throwline Kits
To keep all climbing equipment organized and tangle-free, proper storage solutions are crucial. Among the various options available, storage cubes have emerged as a popular choice among climbers. The Falteimer and Notch cubes are particularly favored for their practicality and functionality. These storage cubes provide ample space to neatly store throw weights, throwlines, and other essential gear, ensuring easy access and efficient organization. By utilizing these storage cubes, climbers can maintain a clutter-free workspace and streamline their tree climbing operations. Trust Honey Brothers to provide you with the best throwline storage options available.

Thinner lines have gained popularity among climbers due to their enhanced performance. These throwlines effortlessly glide through the air and experience minimal friction on branches, resulting in smooth operation. This makes them an excellent choice for climbers who prioritize efficiency and ease of use during their ascents.

If durability is a top priority for you, select throwlines come with a wax coating. This coating extends their service life, making them more reliable and long-lasting. You can depend on these throwlines to withstand the demanding conditions of climbing and other outdoor activities, ensuring that they will not let you down when you need them the most.

Among the various options available, throwlines made from Dyneema stand out for their exceptional strength and performance. Brands like Samson’s Zing-It and Notch’s Acculine are crafted using high-quality Dyneema, guaranteeing reliability and durability. Dyneema is renowned for its robustness, making it a preferred choice for climbers who require a throwline that can withstand the rigors of their adventures.

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