Throwlines, Weights & Catapults

Arborist Throwlines from various brands

Like to throw your weight around? We have a large number of brands that can help you with your throwline and throw weight needs. Check out our range of catapults, designed for expert arborists, and pair them with our throwlines, with a range of storing options for those tangled lines, so they’re ready for when you need to send them up into the trees.

Throw your weight around easily with our arborist throwline equipment!

Hurl your throwlines to new heights easily, with our complete range of throwline equipment designed specifically to cater for your arborist needs. Here at Honey Bros, you can browse some of the best brands in the world, including Notch, Courant and Weaver.

We have a choice of throw weights, arborist catapults, catapult spares, storage and kits. All are designed to perform to the highest possible standards, making your job run smoothly.