Bags, Kit Storage & Hydration

Climbing bags & kit storage

From backpacks to holdalls, we stock a wide range of climbing bags. If it is to contain the large amount of rope for your next ascent or just to keep your new kit neat and tidy, we can help you. Our most popular brands of climbing bags include; Courant, Arbortec, Notch, Stein and Silverbull, which vary from rucksacks for small amounts of kit, and go up to 85 litre bags which can hold your entire kit including multiple ropes.

These bags have been specifically designed to carry arborist equipment so will have extra pockets or storage for spurs and saws and some fold-out for extra access so that kit can be neatly stored away.

Heavy Duty Rope Bags

Rope bags will be made with heavy-duty material to ensure it can take the weight of rope and still allow the arborist to carry around each day. We also have utility and rail approved bags that are available in the colours specified for that industry.

If you need help selecting the right climbing bag, just Contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on this.

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