For context, this is a repost of a blog post from 2015 on treekit.com

The Expedition

In April 2015; Tony Darbyshire (Sawpod) and fellow climbers Geoff Pugsley, Rhob Williams, Marcus Nicholson and photographer Andrew Walmsley headed to Sumatra on a very special mission: to teach the Sumatran Orangutan Society’s rescue team how to climb trees!

“The Sumatran Orangutan Society works to protect orangutans, their forests and their future. They support frontline conservation programmes and tirelessly campaign on issues threatening the survival of orangutans in the wild. As well as planting trees to restore damaged forests in the beautiful Gunung Leuser National Park, they work with the local people of Sumatra, empowering, educating and encouraging them to become guardians of this precious ecosystem.”

The Orangutan Bag

SilverBull supported the expedition with bespoke Orangutan Orange Multiuse bags. One year on and we have decided to produce a limited edition run of these bags in order to raise awareness of the Orangutan Society (SOS). 5% of all proceeds from the sale of these bags will be donated to this great cause.

The bag is available for purchase at Honeybros.com

Geoff Pugsley created the following film of the trip:

Read SOS’s blog post about the expedition here.

For more information about SOS visit www.orangutans-sos.org

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