Our Honey Collective team are a variety of experts in each of their own fields who test products, supply footage and content as well as giving honest feedback on items we send them.

Scroll down to find out more on each of them.

Sean Thompson

Sean lived in South Africa for 23 years before moving to the UK.

He has been splicing for a couple of years now and is now one of many things he enjoys doing alongside spending time with his family and adventuring outdoors.

Sean also has his very own purpose built splice shed at home, so when he is not splicing at Honey’s, he is whipping a few splices together at home!

Sean also likes to promote mental health awareness within the industry.


Ben Connon

Ben is a local member of the HC Team. He is in and out of HoneyBros HQ at least twice a week.

Ben is a foreman for Charterhouse Treecare and started his arb journey in 2001, when he qualified from Merrist Wood.

Ben competed in the UK and Ireland competitions between 2006 and 2009 and won the AA 3 TC in the expert section in 2009 & 2010.

He has covered tree work all over the South East of England as well as Stockholm and Sweden.

Ben loves getting in the trees and using new and upcoming products to feedback to us, as well and getting some great content from the canopy.


Catherine Kåsen

Cathrine has been a member of our HC team for around a year now, providing reviews and content.

Cathrine is a full time forestry worker of 4 years from Norway and a mum of 3.

She loves going hiking and generally being within nature.

Cathrine enjoys being in the forestry industry as it keeps her strong and fit whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

She loves the brand Husqvarna also.


Molly May

Molly first started in the arboriculture industry in 2020. She is currently a trainee climber and has completed her felling, cross cutting, chipper and maintenance courses.

Before getting into the industry she instructed and gained qualifications in a multitude of outdoor activities including high ropes, which is also one of her hobbies outside of work.

Her favourite bit of kit she owns is her Arbortec 65L rope bag which holds all the gear she needs.


Lee Harper

Lee started his arb career in 2001 working for his dads company, from there he has worked for a variety of local tree companies as well as being a lead climber for Banstead and Reigate council.

He currently is employed by Merlin Entertainments carrying out tree work for theme parks and Go Ape.

Lee loves to be outdoors and seeing live music. He also has a passion for motorbikes.


Trinity Tree Care (Joe, Leon and Ethan)

Trinity Tree Arborcare Ltd was founded during the lockdown years by three brothers; Joseph, Leon and Ethan Hottinger.

With our combined years of sub-contract experience (and Joe being back in the country) we decided it was finally time to put aside our differences and work together! 

We cover all manner of tree work with a focus on retention and habitat creation where possible. 

We also sub-contract individually and as a team where its required.  

@trinity_tree_arborcare | @hottingerjoseph | @leon__arb | @ethan__hottinger_

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