We gave our Honey Collective team a few STEIN products to try and review.

Who are STEIN?

STEIN products have been developed over the years to provide the industry with a level of protection and safety expected from modern day equipment. With ever evolving techniques and requirements STEIN prides itself on evolving with the industry.

Continuous investment in research and development projects help bring you the professional user, a range of products, which meet the demands faced on a daily basis.

Stein Top Saw Multi-Tool – Joseph Hottinger (Trinity Tree Care)

Clearing out the bar with your credit card on site?

Using sticks for file handles??


Maybe it’s time to accept its gone and move onto better things…the Top Saw Multi Tool has you covered with a:

* 19mm x 10mm socket (reversible)

* 21mm x 16mm socket (reversible)

* [These sockets also have holes in to be used with a screwdriver if detached from the multi tool]

* 13mm socket

* T27 torx

* T25 torx

* 4mm hex ball drive

* Large screw driver

* Small screw driver

* Bar groove cleaner

* File handle

The Top Saw with its spare socket fit neatly inside the included PVC case, which is small enough to have handy on a belt, or clip to a harness. Hand adjustable bolts also mean you can loosen/tighten the position of the tools when you need that extra purchase. While the Top Saw isn’t designed to replace a well stocked, on site tool box, it is convenient enough to always keep handy in your bag. So when your in the middle of nowhere, you won’t be stuck up a creek without a Top Saw.

Stein Sentinel Pro T-Shirt – Leon Hottinger (Trinity Tree Care)

The new sentinel work tops are a nice touch to steins new range of kit and clothing, coming in sizes to fit all ranges of arborists small, tall , fat or thin.

Made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester this produces a soft, comfortable yet highly breathable design due to the mix in material and bird eye style stitching incorporated in the design of the whole T-shirt.

The elastic cuffs and magnetic push buttons provide a comfy ergonomic easy wearing T-shirt.

The sentinels are a cool black style with a touch of high vis orange making them aesthetic and still being compliant to on site regulations.

They look and feel of the sentinels match that of current football style T-shirts, choose either to look like a goal keeper with the long sleeve option, or a player with the short sleeve.

Cristiano Ronaldo approves. SIUUU!

Stein SKY-Anchor Adjustable – Molly May

The stein sky anchor adjustable sling allows for a versatile piece of kit to add to your climbing collection.

It’s adjustable friction hitch made up of a three wrap prusik gives you more choice when choosing your anchor point during your climb, coming in two different lengths of 200-250 cm, you can adjust for your anchor point to be snug around most diameters or if in a situation where you want your rope to hang further out so there is no extra friction, you can lengthen your cambium to the desired length, as a result you are carrying less kit around with you and when climbing!

You can also use this setup in rescue situations for work or simply if you are bringing the stem down on spikes.

You can adjust the sling around the stem, keeping a minimum of a fists worth of rope between the two rings, once your weight is applied to the system it cinches to the stem allowing for two line working and an anchor on something smooth with no unions.

If you are in a position to fell the stem you can descend safely being able to fully retrieve your system when you reach the ground in whatever situation you are using it for.

Fancy any of these products… look no further.

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