Lawn mowing can be time-consuming and hard work, and a healthy lawn doesn’t necessarily come easily, but this can change if you install a high-quality robot mower. Robotic mowers such as the Husqvarna Automower aren’t just lawnmowers, it’s a robotic concept that does the hard work for you — without supervision, around the clock.

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A random travelling pattern allows your robot mower to find all corners of your garden. It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions, as well as difficult terrain, including slopes, holes and even temporary obstacles like pinecones and fruits. Robot mowers such as Automower are so quiet that they can work in the night without disturbing anyone – Ideal if you have a young family. Through the mower app, available for selected models, you’ll also have total control of the working hours. Allowing you to enjoy your lawn whenever you like.


Your robot mower will constantly cut the grass as it grows. This is by far the gentlest way to cut grass. Whereas ordinary mowing usually takes off several centimetres which are then collected and removed, the clippings from robot mowers are only a few millimetres long. These clippings will mulch down into the soil, fertilizing your lawn.
The machines are guided by boundary wires around your garden. Within that area it moves in irregular patterns so that there are no lines or traces of mowing in the grass.


Robot mowers leave tiny clippings that you won’t notice. By leaving them you naturally fertilise your lawn.


Nearly everyone who is considering a robot mower worries about losing their new machine to criminals. In practice there are almost no reported incidents of theft – most self-respecting thieves are fully aware of the consequences. The Husqvarna Automower  has protection against theft in several ways. A pin code is required for any intervention. An alarm will immediately sound if the code is ignored when the mower is stopped or lifted. It is useless to the thief if stolen; it can’t operate with other charging stations as it is only sync’d up with your station. When reported stolen it will be registered as such and identified as soon as any attempt is made to put it into operation.


The machines are guided by boundary wires around your garden. Within that area it moves in irregular patterns so that there are no lines or traces of mowing in the grass.
Robot lawn mowers are battery-driven and come with a charging station, connected to your outdoor power supply. When it is finished mowing it automatically returns to the docking station to recharge.


The Automower can handle big and complex gardens with many obstacles. If you have lawns with inclines, this is no problem as the robots can confidently cope with inclines of up to 70%.


Once you have decided you would like to install a Husqvarna Autmower we have a full package available to help you plan and install your machine. Our sales team can assist with choosing the right machine for your garden area to ensure it runs at optimum performance. Then our dedicated workshop team will be available to install the Automower and explain how you can monitor, store and take care of the machine. Finally, our friendly team will always be available to answer any questions or queries once you are up and running to make sure you get the most out of your Husqvarna Automower.


In Sweden, around half of all grass cutting machines sold are robot mowers, in Switzerland it’s almost 60%. If you start a petrol engine lawnmower on a Sunday afternoon, you are considered to be anti-social. In the UK we are way behind – just less than 1%. But the way forward is obvious, and it is likely that all of our lawns will be cut by robotic mowers in the future. It is a proven technology that works.



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