Hobbs 2nd Generation Lowering Device

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Completely self-contained, the “Hobbs” is tough enough to lift and strong enough to lower.

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Redeisgned for the 25th anniversary of Edwin L. Hobbs’ original invention, this second generation Hobbs lowering and lifting device is the definition of super-duty rope control.
The new H-2 is rated for use with arborist lowering lines from 1/2″ to 3/4″ diameter. Offering solid mounting, smooth and precise rope control, and increased lifting and pulling capacities, the H-2 is designed to perform on the job, on demand every day for years to come.
The newly reconfigured spool is cast from hardened T-6 aluminium. With a 3/4″ thick wall structure, the H-2 is designed for extreme impact loading, wear resistance and heat dissipation. Massive and maintenance-free, oil-impregnated bushings support the front and rear of the spool, which rotates on a solid steel 1 and a half inch shaft.
Lifting Features
Using the winch bar that is supplied with the H-2 to rotate the spool, the device uses a proven, strong, and mechanically simple ratchet and pawl mechanism to operate in the same manner as a ‘come-a-long’ to develop lifting and pulling power. With a 16:1 ratio, the H-2 can develop more than 3000 lb of pulling force and is rated to lift 1000 lb. The H-2 increases its versatility by being able to remove rope slack, lift limbs and perform other pulling and lifting tasks.
Frame Features
The unique, angled frame may be mounted in three separate configurations to suit the rigging task:

  • Preservation Mounting – For maintenance pruning when large limbs are removed and the tree is preserved. A hinged guard prevents spike insertion and a hinged, heavy-duty rubber pad provides additional protection to the trunk. 1000 lb working load limit (WLL)
  • Standard Mounting – Three side spikes aggressively cut into the tree for increased holding strength. 2000 lb WLL.
  • Cut-in-Mounting – A notch is cut into the tree, and the top frame plate is placed beneath it when high-impact loading is anticipated, for example, when butt-hitching trunk wood. 3000 lb WLL.

Other Features
A ‘rope captured’ fair lead permits a wide range of movement without fear of rolling wraps off the spool. A built-in entry hook guides the lowering line onto the spool. Side hooks let the operator safely tie off the load line when desired.
The H-2 comes complete with a 20′ mounting strap, winch bar and detailed graphic labels explaining proper usage, ratings, warnings and safe operation. The H-2 weighs 26kg (58lb).

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