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Diagnosis and Prognosis – Swartze

Diagnosis and Prognosis of the Development of Wood Decay in Urban Trees

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Readers who have attended workshops conducted by Prof. Dr. Francis W.M.R. Schwarze and read his seminal work: Fungal Strategies of Wood Decay in Trees will be familiar with his research on trees and fungi. In Diagnosis and Prognosis of the Development of Wood Decay in Urban Trees, Prof. Dr. Francis W.M.R. Schwarze deftly and expertly takes the reader from the macro to the micro level explaining the complexity of the interactions between trees, fungi and the environment.
Readers need not be concerned that a high level of scientific knowledge is required to understand the scientific principles and examples described in the book; the book is written in simple language and illustrated with numerous Figures and Tables to help the non-scientist understand.
The improvements and developments in the assessment and management of risks highlight many of the problems facing arboriculturists and tree care workers. The diverse studies and research that is developing in arboriculture has inspired many innovative approaches to establishing diagnostic techniques. This book helps bring all of these together to help us understand the structure of trees, and their interactions with fungi and the environment.
Current structural theories (such as the t/R >0.3 to 0.35 ratio) are challenged and where appropriate debunked with impeccable scientific rigour and research. Thus arborists and tree care practitioners are provided with the tools and confidence to make informed and better decisions as to when trees need to be removed. It is hoped these tools will reduce the number of unnecessary tree removals from the urban environment.
The section of this book which will immensely help arborists is the chapter on identification of wood-decay fungi. This is one of the first times that Polypore identification is detailed in an easy key methodology.
Furthermore, the research and results on Trichoderma spp. and the various modes of decay for a variety of fungi reinforce the benefit of good arboricultural management practices. The fascinating role of various wood-decay fungi in the service of society is also explored.
Scientists, educators, arborists, ecologists, mycologists and interested people will find the scientific research and information contained in this book an important resource to which they will refer to again and again. Knowledge is a powerful tool and combined with understanding, a formidable tool indeed. Prof. Dr. Francis W.M.R.
Schwarze has achieved and provides both in this, his latest book. We recommend it to anyone interested in learning about trees, fungi and the environment.

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