A New Tree Biology – A. Shigo

Facts, photos, and philosophies on trees and their problems and proper care.

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Facts, photos, and philosophies on trees and their problems and proper care.

The text is hardcover, 619 pages, 688 photos plus references and index. The dictionary is softcover, 132 pages with quick reference to 239 important subjects. These two items are sold only as a set. They are a comprehensive resource.

Chapter Topics
Emerging, a New Tree Biology; Trees and Insects and Mites; Trees and Mico-organisms; Trees and Animals; Survival; Leaves; Fruit; The Cambium and Bark; Roots; Prelude to the Branch; Branches; Branch Shedding; Epicormic Branches and Limb Drop; Wood and Boundaries; Heartwood and Discolored Wood and the System; Wetwood; Chestnut Blight; Hypoxlyn Canker; Strumella Canker; Cankers; Canker Rots; Polyporus glomeratus; Fomes everhartii; Fumes pini, Canker Rot in Pine; Caution; Fomes pini and Related Species; Armillaria mellea; Root Rot; Fomes annosus; Tree Treatments; Pruning; Included Bark and Pruning; Topping; Cracks; Basal Sprouts; Callus and Wound Closure; Cavities; Injections and Implants; Wound Dressings; Trichoderma and Bicontrol; Cabling and Bracing; Other Treatments and Problems; Genetics; Dutch Elm Disease; Fire Blight; Utility Poles and Wood Products; The Future.

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