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Protos Ukraine Edition Arborist Headset

This limited edition Protos Arborist headset sporting the Ukrainian flag and peace emblem is a one off!

For every one sold Protos will donate £5 and Honey Brothers will donate £5 to the humanitarian appeal in Ukraine.

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This limited edition Protos Arborist headset sporting the Ukrainian flag and peace emblem is a one off!

For every one sold Protos will donate £5 and Honey Brothers will donate £5 to the humanitarian appeal in Ukraine.

The perfect fit and optimum hold of the Protos Integral Arborist make it perfect for work at height, where face protection is indispensable.

The hearing and face protection are integrated into the shell of the head protection and thereby prevent snagging on branches and protruding parts. The special design of the Protos Integral allows the cooling air to flow in from all sides and to escape through the ventilation gate. This ensures that the head does not collapse even during the most strenuous activities.

After tiring work the KlimaAIR Set can be exchanged and washed at 30 C to maintain the hygiene. The guide of the chin strap is designed so that it cannot slip under the hearing protection where it would affect the noise reduction or the wearing comfort.

The Protos Integral Arborist is of course certified according to EN 397 and EN 12492.

The Protos Integral Arborist is adapted to work at heights. In an environment that requires maximum concentration and attention, the head protection cannot cause any interference, let alone slip out of place.

Thanks to its far-reaching neck shell, the head protection fits perfectly even when working in sloping or overhead positions, thus providing a safe hold.

Due to the difficulty in getting the hands free at height, the entire modular principle with can be adjusted with only two fingers. Therefore, each element can be regulated at any time. This model is also equipped with a chin strap.
For safety reasons, the outer Protos shell should be replaced every 5 years (starting from the manufacturing date). This is available separately.

For hygiene reasons, we recommend washing the main support pads regularly and replacing them every 2 3 years in case of daily use.

Size: One size (54-62cm)

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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Field of View

Greater field of view compared to all tested helmets on the market offers maximum sight.

Neck Protector

The neck protector guards the back of the head from impacts when falling and minimizes the danger of basal skull fractures.


The sporty 2 colour combination has 35 % more visible surface. The highly increased visibility gives the wearer a great advantage in situations where they might be hard to spot (foliage, coniferous woodland, blinding sunlight etc. - no matter what season).

Cushioning Construction

Due to the special cushioning construction (3-point mounting and anti-shock pads) of the interior shell impacts are effectively absorbed and not transferred to the head, respectively the spine.

All Round Protection

With the first-time certification with EN 397 and EN 12492 standards the protective helmet Protos not only protects from vertical but also from horizontal impacts. This results in an innovative "all-around protection".

Interior Shell

Due to the elaborate interior shell the helmet fits perfectly. In case of an impact the energy is diffused on a large area and absorbed evenly.

Additional Shock-Protection

As the ear protection is always put on, it serves as additional shock-protection.

Safety Ventilation Slit

The safety ventilation slit offers high safety exactly where it is needed. Horizontal and vertical impacts are absorbed by the additional shell before the energy affects the main helmet.

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