AKE ECC Silence Comm System

The AKE ECC (Easy Connect Communication) System is a Bluetooth, hands free, helmet mounted communication system.


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The AKE ECC (Easy Connect Communication) System is a Bluetooth, hands free, helmet mounted communication system.
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  • Very simple handling, since neither channel selection, nor selective call or PTT-key etc. is required
  • Completely interrupt-free speech operation, full duplex conference operation for up to four people
  • Optimal noise suppresson, through stable ear protection cups with soft cheek pads and noise canceling microphone
  • Improved accident protection in the team, an observer outside the danger zone can warn the endangered person at any time even if that person is currently speaking!
  • Free hands when speaking, for example, to hold on if there is a risk of falling. Thus, even in dangerous situations help can be called immediately.
  • Interchangeable external antenna, for optimum range (with repeater function up to 1 km in free space).
  • Integrated repeater function, allows an improvement of the range in difficult terrain.
  • Bluetooth interface, for wireless connection to mobile phone or two-way radio.
  • Secure protection against eavesdropping by unauthorized persons.
  • App for the mobile phone, allows individual settings and easy software updates with Android smartphones.
  • High wearing comfort, due to the low weight of the electronics (approx. 40 grams).
Frequency (Hz)1252505001000200040008000
Mean attenuation (dB)14.220.429.333.125.831.134.4
Standard deviation (dB)
Assumed Protection Value (dB)10.216.325.828.522.728.130.4

Helmet not included

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm


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  • Microphone lock during pauses in speech Electronic speech recognition activates the signal microphone only when you are talking. During pauses, the microphone signal is 100% blocked.
  • Active external noise control An electronically controlled, active external noise control allows the hearing of the acoustic environmental information even with hearing protection and locks it automatically if the permissible volume at the ear is exceeded. The system is also suitable for shooting ranges.
  • Swap mode for up to 8 participants Up to 7 devices can be paired with the team leader. The swap mode allows a quick change between the paired devices. Ideal when exchanging an employee, e.g. when changing workers.
  • Loudspeaker on both sides A second loudspeaker improves speech intelligibility and enables stereo transmissions from mobile phones, etc. The left and right hearing protection shells are connected via a high-quality cable.
  • Premium service In the event of repair, the customer will receive a loan device if the repair cannot be carried out within 24 hours. One and two years after the date of purchase, the customer is entitled to a free device inspection. Defective wearing parts can be replaced at the customer's expense on request.

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