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Ott Magnetic Chainsaw Bar Tool

19-13mm double socket magnetic chainsaw bar tool

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OTT 19-13mm double socket magnetic chainsaw bar tool.

The OTT Ultra-Thin Chain Bar Tool is engineered, designed and manufactured to precise tolerances. The “OTT Ultra-Thin Chain Bar Tool” is made of high quality materials such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The body of the tool is precision machined out of solid billet aluminium. The retractable screwdriver is made of all Stainless Steel. The pivoting socket screw is made of Titanium, which makes for an extremely durable, light weight, all in one, long lasting tool.

With a tool body thickness of a mere 3/8 thick, and housing the retractable screwdriver within the thickness of the tool body handle. Surprisingly, it is not much thicker than a common pencil. With an overall length of about 5 inches long, and radius edged profile, it is very comfortable in your hand, you barely even know it’s there!

The “OTT Ultra-Thin Chain Bar Tool” has a precision forged pivoting magnetic socket, which is made in the USA. The pivoting socket allows the user to magnetically attach the tool to the chain bar nut and pivot 180 degrees. This allows the user to find the optimal position and leverage needed to tighten or loosen the chain bar. The strong magnetic socket holds the socket body in place, keeping the wrench from slipping off.

By using the “Ott Ultra-Thin Chain Bar Tool”, the user does not need to use two hands to tighten or loosen the chain bar nuts, which is typically needed when using stamped metal T- bar tools or multi-tools currently sold.

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